What is my website going to cost?
The cost of a website can vary tremendously depending upon its size and complexity. Do you need a static HTML website?  Will you be selling products on your site?  Do you want a custom WordPress site?  Will the site consist of 5 or 500 pages?

To give an idea of cost, on average it takes 15-20 hours to develop the typical 5-10 static page website. If this is beyond your budget, keep in mind that your web site can be done incrementally.  We’ll help you decide what the the most important components are and develop them first, then add the others as finances allow.

What about payment?
35% of the estimated cost of the website is due upon the signing of the contract, 35% upon design approval, and the final amount upon completion of the website, but before it is officially launched. As soon as the final payment is received, the website files will either be uploaded (via ftp) to your server or zipped and sent to you.

Projects under $800 require payment in full upon contract signing.

For larger projects or longer time frames, incremental payments may be due along the way. If this is the case it will be defined in the contract.

Additional work not included in the contract will be added to the balance.

What types of payment does Designing Web accept?
We accept payments made with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover via PayPal (PayPal account not required). We also accept personal / business checks.

A signed contract and 35% deposit secure your start date on our schedule.

Okay, I've decided to have Designing Web develop my site, what happens next?
In a nutshell, these are the phases of a website’s development:

  1. Client Interview/Planning Phase
  2. Sitemap and Architecture
  3. Design Phase
  4. Development/Coding Phase
  5. Content Insertion
  6. Testing Phase
  7. Site Launch
  8. Website Maintenance

For a more detailed explanation of what each phase entails and what we will need from you, visit our web design process page.

How soon can we start?
Designing Web schedules projects upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit.  Typically work will begin on your project 3-6 weeks later.  Keep in mind that your content needs to be ready by the agreed upon dates specified in the contract.

If you do not have all your content ready, your project can be scheduled to begin several months from the receipt of a signed contract and deposit.

I need a website in a hurry! Can you do it?
Yes, but keep in mind that it will cost more, perhaps as much as double.
Can you update my site periodically after its initial completion?
Absolutely.  We can do updates and revisions to your web site at the $80 per hour rate, billed in 15-minute increments.
After Designing Web develops our website, can we do updates to our site ourselves?
Yes, we can create your site so that you can easily update content yourself. A short (less than an hour) tutorial may be needed.