Mar 172012

Hospitality Services GroupHospitality Services Group provides a comprehensive outsourced purchasing and food cost control system to a broad cross section of independent restaurants, inns, retirement communities, hotels and other foodservice operations.

   This website is an informational one which attempts to differentiate the services that the company offers from its competition. Throughout the site are customer testimonials which are randomly generated from a database.

Mar 062012

OVPPThe mission of the Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership (OVPP) is to encourage community-based conservation of vernal pools in Ohio through education, partnerships, science, and (re)discovery of our natural world.

    In addition to the usual educational fare, this site offers a repository of monitoring forms, downloadable brochures, and an Amphibian Survey Training Program complete with pictures and sounds. Brief facts about vernal pools along with accompanying pictures are randomly pulled from a database and sprinkled throughout the website to add fresh content for frequent visitors.

Mar 052012

StratamarStratamar is a marketing consultancy specializing in strategic and tactical marketing, developing and implementing marketing plans, product development, market analysis, marketing training, and internet marketing.

   This site was created in WordPress so that the owners could update and add pages themselves. The company makes use of social media and their twitter tweets are automatically added to the front page of the website to keep their content fresh.

Mar 042012

LWINLiving Well in Newport (LWIN) provides quality resources to improve your transitioning lifestyle, allowing you to live independently and comfortably in your home for years to come.


    Since Living Well in Newport provides concierge services and a directory of vetted businesses to its clients, most of this site is Members Only. The Preferred Provider Directory is a searchable database of these businesses, listing the services and discounts they offer. The website is set up so that Living Well in Newport employees can add new businesses to the directory database via a graphical and easy to use browser based interface.

Mar 032012

OVPPFriends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) is a grassroots organization dedicated to educating people about the importance of the Lower Olentangy Watershed.


    This site offers several interactive features – a calendar of events, a volunteer form, donation form, merchandise order form, and several photo galleries of projects and events.

Mar 022012

FADFifth Avenue Dam – an informational website sponsored by the city of Columbus, Ohio regarding the removal of a lowhead dam.

    Another informational site meant to keep the public informed on progress of the dam removal.

Mar 012012

KnetworkKnetwork is a third-party spend management group.

    This is a very simple website to recruit outside contractors and is meant to look much like a power point presentation.